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Shameless Propaganda in Venezuela...

By Miguel Octavio

Thursday, July 08, 2004 - has taken the trouble of putting up pictures of the packages of foodstuffs sold at the Mercal markets where the Government sells products for the masses cheaper than at supermarkets. Of course, prices are only slightly cheaper than supermarkets, despite the fact that they have a subsidy, they pay no customs and military workers move a lot of the stuff around. So, somebody is making a nice piece of change from (or for?) the revolution, which I can’t prove. But piggy backing on the Government’s funding are these pieces of revolutionary propaganda which I find appalling:

On the pasta package: “In the fifties, in New York, Orson Welles made a radio theater with the theme of a Martian invasion to Earth, provoking great panic and even a suicide...Amd it was only radio theater!. TV and all of the other media, if used with bad intentions may cause grave damage and public health problems. That is why all countries have rigorous regulations for its healthiest use, a responsible step.”

On the rice package: “Attacking your own economy is bad. But it is worse to pretend to speculate and increase prices artificially to recover losses that were incurred during strikes and boycotts and other non-popular adventures. That is why this rice and other products from CASA besides defending the family budget, help restore normalcy among producers and consumers, rebuilding the day by day for all of us and the peace that we all deserve”

What’s next, Chavez the benevolent explaining why the opposition cheated in the recall petition?


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