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UK launch of Venezuela’s finest rum

Press release

London 23 June 2004 – For a cool new summer shot that packs a premier punch, the finest rum from Venezuela, Santa Teresa 1796, is being launched in selected bars, clubs, restaurants and retailers in London and the South East. A 40% alcohol, amber coloured rum, Santa Teresa 1796 has a sophisticated and delicate flavour with a fruity aroma, best savoured on the rocks or with a splash of soda, but definitely not drowned in cola.

Already a popular, award winning spirit across the Atlantic, in Spain and Italy, Santa Teresa 1796 is reputedly one of the finest dark rums in the world –being ranked as one of the top 5 best rums and one of the 10 best liquors of the world*.

Superior to other, more familiar brands rum brands, Santa Teresa 1796 owes its unique quality to its Venezuelan origins:

• Venezuela has over 500 years rum making tradition and the strictest ageing regulations of any of the main rum producing countries.

• Venezuela’s rich and deep soils, constant winds and plenty of sunshine, allows the production of the sweetest, juiciest sugar cane, the main ingredient of rum.

Santa Teresa 1796 is the only rum in the world to be produced using the traditional Solera process throughout, used by Spanish brandy makers. The rum is cascaded from cask to cask by hand to blend young light rums with older darker rums, between 4 and 35 years old, to create the final product.

Santa Teresa 1796 is produced exclusively at the 200-year old Hacienda Santa Teresa plantation and distillery near Caracas, passed from generation to generation of the Vollmer family – Santa Teresa 1796 was first produced in 1996 to mark the bicentenary of the Hacienda.

Further information is available online at and by calling +44 (0)20 7373 5231

*Awarded one of the top 5 best rums in the world by Best Life magazine in the US and one of the top 10 liquors in the world by Spirit Journal.

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