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Eva Golinger Moncada: 'advocate' of Venezuela’s Revolution?

By Aleksander Boyd

London 04 June 2004 – Some people use quicker than others their fifteen minutes of fame. Eva Golinger Moncada gained notoriety for having uncovered -making use of the Freedom of Information Act- “classified documents” that evidenced the funding received by Sumate and other Venezuelan NGOs from the National Endowment for Democracy. Her discovery has become one of the favourite arguments of the regime and its advocates of ‘covert US interference’ in Venezuelan affairs. That line of reasoning is readily echoed by North American and European armchair revolutionaries in their chronic rant against the ominous imperialist superpower.

Since I am a politically incorrect person, I have taken the hassle to call off the numerous bluffs of the so-called advocates of the regime. The reason that prompted me to engage in such an ungrateful activity is solely the sheer pleasure that I feel in confronting with factual evidence these genuine defenders of Hugo Chavez. As such I have been doing a bit of research on one of the most vocal of them all, Eva Golinger Moncada that is.

Not even Reuters escaped the ‘charm’ of Mrs Golinger Moncada; the Goliath of the information commented upon her amazing findings on April 15th this year. Invariably all articles present Mrs Golinger as “…Brooklyn, N.Y.-based attorney who helped obtain the documents through Freedom of Information Act requests.”

A recent investigation by journalist Orlando Ochoa reporting for El Universal revealed that Mrs Golinger has received monies for her legal services from a government sponsored outlet called Venezuelan Information Office. When confronted with the news she excused the payments as being a normal lawyer-client relationship. Taking into consideration that she is a “Brooklyn, N.Y.-based attorney” I went through the database of the New York State Unified Court Service for all licensed attorneys in New York State must be registered there. Amazingly enough there is no record of Attorney Eva Golinger so I proceeded to contact them to find out whether the information held on the website was not properly updated. The person I talked to, after asking what field of law does she practice gave the same answer: no record of her. Well that is bizarre, isn’t it? Moreover neither exists an entry for that name in the New York Bar Association, however that is a voluntary organization, or in the Red Book which is another listing containing attorney’s information.

Could it be that Mrs Golinger Moncada is lying about her credentials when she constantly refers to herself as a lawyer? I certainly don’t know but as the good old Venezuelan saying goes “rayate y tirate al guinde.” The credibility of those who defend Chavez is in the substratum and the furtherance of such an absurd stance is mere flagellation.

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