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Venezuela: A day in the lies of the revolution

By Miguel Octavio

Some highlights from today’s news:

- Minister of Finance Nobrega: “There are now more than 100,000 brokerage accounts in Venezuela; we have democratized the capital markets”

Yes, there were 50,000 when Chavez got to power and 60,000 University Professors were paid with bonds the money the Government owed them. Meanwhile daily volume in US$ in the Caracas Stock Exchange is down a factor of ten since Chavez came to power!

- Chavez: "we detected a PDVSA account at the Central Bank that has more money that is spent a year on Defense."

Well, that is almost US$ 2 billion, how come he has not announced how he will spend the money? One also wonders if the Central Bank’s President is Chavista and the Ministers of Planning and Finance are on its Board and if PDVSA was taken over by the revolutionaries five years ago: Who was doing the hiding?

- Reporte Diario de la Economia shows the copy of an invoice for 15,000 bulletproof vests ordered by the Carabobo state INCE (Instituto Nacional de Cooperacion Educativa) which teaches trades or trains young people or the unemployed.

Makes you wonder what type of training they plan to provide. By the way, isn’t it nepotism that the Head of INCE in Carabobo is the brother of the Head of INCE nationwide?

- A military judge ordered the detention of reporter Patricia Poleo and she has to testify next Tuesday on a video she showed which proved the presence of Cuban forces at military facilities in Venezuela.

My thought: Art. 57 of the Constitution: All persons have the right to freely express their thoughts, their ideas and opinions either verbally, in writing or in any other form of expression, and can make use of any communication media, without the possibility of censorship.

Do the Chavistas know they put that in there? Will the Supreme Court say it does not say what it does?

- Chavez on the soldier last night: " This is a great lie!"

It takes one to know one? It is Chavez who has been caught lying three times on this affair. Yes Hugo, it must be a conspiracy, but by those around you.

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