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The John Kerry - Hugo Chavez sparing on Venezuela

By Daniel Duquenal

And boy, did the news hurt!!! As expected the chavista apologists quickly pounced on the Kerry declarations. Judging for their reactions on TV tonight, or in Internet, it hurt. It hurt bad.

On the site you can find an article from Eva Golinger dated from today. Note that Ms. Golinger is doing her job. She writes for several "alternative" sites/pages. In one of her articles she said that she lives in Brooklyn NY, if memory serves me well. Thus one can assume that she is well connected in the US left (NY as a hotbed) and that she knows how to refute anything from real news to a pamphlet.

But somebody should have advised her. Her article today made a major mistake. She added to her article a large picture of Chavez with a young girl, supposedly to demonstrate the fatherly aspect, his bonhomie, implying that he is not a bloody tyrant. Well, Ms. Golinger, all tyrants through history have been very careful to be continuously photographed with children. From Hitler to Castro. Going through our own Perez Jimenez. The effect is wasted, I am afraid. Not to mention downright scary for those of us that DO KNOW our world history.

Below I did take a PrintScreen of the window of Ms. Golinger article. You can see by the way that all the adequate "revolutionary links" form Aporrea to Venpres are on the left side, as lined up by A sure indication of an independent and objective site of course, the perfect vehicle to debunk the biased and false appreciations in Kerry declarations.

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