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In Venezuela impuninity and immorality rule!

By Miguel Octavio

It is quite depressing to realize the level of impunity and cynicism that the authorities have reached in Venezuela. We are being ridiculed day after day, by being ignored, by being ruled by a bunch of cynics without scruples, who have no morals and put the “revolution” above everything else.

This afternoon I read about William Jesus Alvarez in Tal Cual (page 8, by subscription.) William was the young chemical engineer who was shot dead in the East of Caracas last February 27th. Despite the testimony of his family that he never fired weapons of any caliber in his life or that he began running towards his home when the shooting began, falling over and dying as he ran away, the People’s Ombudsman reaches the conclusion that “he fired one or two shots before being hit himself since traces of this were found in both his hands”. Amazing and definite conclusion by an office that has yet to contact any of the family members or any of the people that witnessed his death.

But the People Ombudsman or the Attorney General are servile to the revolution. They appear to be ready to sacrifice their reputation, their ethics and their own soul for this worthless and destructive revolution.

No sooner had I finished reading about William Alvarez that I learn of the death of Angel Pedreáńez. We had earlier heard the claims by Chavez, by Garcia Carneiro and by Baduell about the case and each time they were shown to be lying through their teeth, in their customary fraudulent style of manipulating the truth for their own purposes. Nothing is too grotesque or far fetched for these people; nothing should amaze us about their corrupt and immoral behavior.

And now there is new evidence, new acts that would shock any civilized human being. The second 20 year old involved in the jail incident dies coincidentally of the same cause, cardiac arrest, in less than one month. We had earlier been told by the Government that the soldier had said that the fire began within the cell and suddenly there he is, dead but his presence revived in a videotape saying that they were burned from the outside. That someone actually held a tube, lit it and burnt them. And they burned really fast. And the once improbable and implausible flamethrower that seemed to defy any sense of human decency becomes so incredibly and amazingly real.

Immediately, the cynical Attorney General speaks on TV with some sense of outrage saying the military should turn over the case to the civilian authorities. And the Minister of Defense that has been covering up the case immediately accepts the change in jurisdiction, which can only mean the beginning of a new cover up. As if we trusted either of them. As if either of them had shown even the slightest interest of learning the truth about so many cases, from the deaths of April 2002 to the many useless and tragic deaths of the last two years. Including that Rambo called Joao de Goveia who in two minutes and with a single Glock killed three and injured twenty seven in Plaza Altamira two and a half years ago. To date, these fake leaders of justice and morality claim he was acting alone and the case is closed. And most people believe the official explanation or have forgotten about it. Impunity rules!

And it is not only the impunity that shocks us. It is also the cynical ability to act like Chavez did last Sunday, accusing the US Government of the same crimes his administration has routinely committed in the last five years. Crimes that have been committed as he spoke and soon after. As if diverting attention can somehow release him of his responsibility.

So far, impunity rules. It is the rule of the day. Events are twisted to support and defend the revolution. The pro-Chavez Deputies of the National Assembly approve a Supreme Court bill than in the future will likely be used to violate their rights and those of the members of their families. And they don’t appear to care. The revolution is above everything. The Supreme Court justices will likely give their seal of approval to that bill that will not only allow a totalitarian state to rule the country, but that will likely allow the Government to get rid of many of them, sooner rather than later. Thus, they are preparing the rope to hang themselves.

And I watch that cynical member of the Board of the CNE named Jorge Rodriguez, state with such calm and cynicism that people can violate the same regulations that he approved last September. This is the same guy who argued the laws and the regulations had to be respected, but is now saying that what is written can be interpreted any way that he pleases. Long live the revolution, we will twist the law to promote it!

And perhaps this is the reason why this is a hopeless battle. Step by step, it has been assumed that there was some semblance of ethics, morality or reason in some members of this Government. But the level of impunity indicates that this is simply a shell of a Government, led by a megalomaniac without scruples, who is followed by a bunch of immoral puppets for whom human dignity, death, torture and human rights are simple inconveniences that get in the way of their final objective. Meanwhile, those like me that oppose them still believe in the law, in ethics, in respect, the truth, the sanctity of human life and all of those precepts that are the foundation of modern civilization.

Impunity rules and in a few weeks some new scandal, human rights violations will make people forget these new and tragic deaths as we sink deeper into the unknown path of this failed revolution. And we will be shocked and outraged and will react with the same incredulity that we react with today.

Until the next one...

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