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Operation 'Total Shame' in Venezuela

By Miguel Octavio

This is not a joke. If you read Spanish, please go here and read exactly what was said. If you still don’t believe any rational, decent and civilized human being could possible say this, then check it out here.

Here is a fairly close and detailed translation of what the former President of the Venezuelan National Assembly said today, I heard it, so it is not the opposition media inventing it. Mr. Lara, a pro-Chavez supporter, who does not even deserve being called Mr. but simply scum, said:

Pro-Government forces will execute operation “Popular Sovereignty” which will consist in visiting the people who appear in the lists of valid signatures (to request Chavez’ recall) and under observation with the purpose of “convincing them that it is pertinent to void the signatures when they are valid and not ratifying them when it deals with those that are under observation or need to be ratified”

They estimate that the goal “will likely reach voiding 15% at least of the signatures considered valid by the National Electoral Council in the case of the presidential recall vote”

He explained that they are convinced that many of the signatures were collected “thru blackmail and pressure”

This is probably one of the most fascist, totalitarian and abusive statements I have heard during this Chavista Government. To threaten to “visit” people to ‘convince’ them is so absurd and abusive that I simply can't believe any rational, civilized and sensible human being could have said what William Lara said. This guy is simply scum, pure scum, he should be despised and if we ever get rid of all of this scum, he should be brought to trial for violating people’s civil rights. He represents fascism at its worst

Shame on him and those around him that have planned this sordid operation which should be called “Operation Total Shame” and sets a new low for this totalitarian and abusive Government.

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