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Will the OAS apply the Democratic Chart to Venezuela?

By Aleksander Boyd

London 15 Apr. 04 – In spite of the silence of the world’s Anglophone media regarding yesterday’s communiqué by the Colombian Senate, the impact of such a stance is huge. Let us remember that, in what constitutes to date the greatest diplomatic blow to the regime of Hugo Chavez, Senators from neighbouring Colombia requested, to America’s countries and the international community in general, for the Democratic Chart of the OAS to be applied to Venezuela for what they consider an utter encroachment of constitutional principles and the rule of law. Said statement is no mere diplomatic humbug but a condemning declaration by Colombia, which is also the biggest trading partner of Venezuela.

Amazingly enough there is no reference to that on the internet, lest of course in Spanish. The English news outlets continue to echo the nonsense of Chavez accusing Bush for the umpteenth time about intervention, world crimes, etc. One must wonder why they are not so diligent in reproducing the damaging communiqué issued by Colombia’s Senate. Some of you may think that since Reuters or AP or the BBC have not commented about the issue it is irrelevant, however I would like to invite the readers of this site to take a virtual promenade in the Venezuelan news section of Google. The response from Venezuela’s Foreign Secretary was swift. And surely Hugo Chavez or his Vice-President will say that the US is preparing an invasion through Colombia with the help of the fascist-right-wingers of the Senate. However Republicans and Liberals alike favoured the motion which will prematurely render difficult the chavista counter attack based merely on political grounds (similar to what occurred recently to Chavez’ courting of Kerry…).

On a different note it was a pleasure listening to John Maisto ridicule Venezuelan Ambassador to the OAS Jorge Valero. Not because I particularly enjoy American diplomats mocking the representatives of my country but rather because Jorge Valero is not a loyal representation of my country; he’s just another spineless chavista that would do or say whatever the Supremo orders him. The international credibility of the Chavez regime is directly proportional to its ludicrous and unsubstantiated accusations, the more repetitive the worse.

The question of the moment is; will the OAS apply the Chart to Venezuela? Will Hugo Chavez have the same fate as Alberto Fujimori? Will they finally walk out of Venezuela?

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