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Venezuela’s know-all President

By Aleksander Boyd

London 14 Apr. 04 – So the great leader has spoken. Reuters quoted Hugo Chavez blaming U.S. President George W. Bush on Tuesday for violence in Iraq and also sent a message of support to Iraqis he said were battling the U.S. "imperialist aggressor." Simultaneously he is paying Patton Boggs $1.2 million to ingratiate himself with the Bush administration.

His economically deprived sugar daddy a.k.a. Fidel Castro came out of the rest home warden to opine on Venezuelan matters owing to the ‘Bolivarian celebrations.’ To the ecstasy of the leftist gallery commandante Castro said “Venezuela is no Grenada!” he went further asking chavista students holidaying in Cuba to spread the social knowledge of the Cuban revolution. Let me get a shot at guessing the so called ‘social knowledge’:

1. When your personal wellbeing is in danger run to the hills and wait until the ruling dictator leaves the island.

2. Once he’s gone you descend and ‘triumphantly’ sit in the throne of power. Oh –almost forgot- once you’re there, dispose off of your brainy collaborators.

3. Dissent of any kind should be dealt with utmost ferocity jailing, killing, torturing or simply disappearing opponents.

4. Make sure you construct a base of radical friends. They can be of great help in dire times.

5. Shut the media!!!!

6. Have a heterosexual or homosexual love affair with a whore known as ‘leftist intelligentsia.’ She’s a bit rough in the edges but has very many influential connections and an unending list of brainless courtiers.

7. Pact with drug dealers, they’ve got shit loads of cash.

8. Get a grip of the armed forces, swiftly.

9. Strangulate the economy hence the whole nation will be dependant on you.

10. Never cease verbally attacking those stupid Yanks. It will gain you so many supporters!!

It does not cease to amaze me the fact that these two are actually the leaders of two countries. I held the belief that Castro has not been given a slap in the face simply due to the fact that there’s nothing of interest in that island from a geo-politic American stance. An army base? They’ve got it already. Venezuela is a similar case, whilst the pariah continues with his incessant anti-imperialist rant our oil continues to flow in interrupted fashion to the USA. And that my friends is the only factor that matters. Stupid comments from Chavez are bearable as long as he does not close the tap, which he can’t do BTW for yet another simple reason; how will he finance his permanence in power if not with oil money? I would love to see someone from the opposition in a nationwide ‘cadena’ prompting him to put his money where his mouth is; “not one more barrel of oil to America if they try to invade us.” Well bloody do it mate and see how long you’ll last!!

On another account the legal battle at the Supreme Court does not fade away. In order to explain the sheer absurdity of the problem and clarify the issue to those who do not understand the judiciary I will say that the Venezuelan legal system is –as any other- hierarchical. Imagine a pyramid. At the apex sits the plenary of the court, formed in Venezuela’s case by 20 justices. Beneath the apex we have the different chambers of the court (electoral, constitutional, administrative-politic, civil, penal and that of substantiation). It needs to be stressed that the aforementioned chambers have the same hierarchy; they are in the same judicial level of the pyramid. Contrastingly in England the highest court of the land is the House of Lords (apex), beneath it sits the Court of Appeal which is composed by the Criminal and Civil Divisions. Well, what is happening in Venezuela now is the equivalent of the Criminal Division issuing annulments in regards to civil cases and pretending to render void decisions of the Civil Division. Not one argument put forth by the chavista inanity propagating machine can stand firm in front of this gross constitutional violation. I know for some is not easy to comprehend the intricacies of the judiciary, nonetheless what Hugo Chavez, Ivan Rincon Urdaneta and the cronies from the Electoral Council are doing is a clear cut constitutional coup. The Constitutional Chamber has no power over the Electoral Chamber in quite the same way as the Criminal Division can not order the Civil Division to do anything in England or vice versa. The only body capable of solving this impasse is the plenary of the Supreme Court. As Chavez has not got complete control of it believe me when I tell you that the case will not be put before the plenary until Chavez has made the necessary arrangements to come out victorious, which most likely will not occur before August 19.

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