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Venezuela's worst enemy: Ourselves

By Reinaldo Rolo

I heard today with disbelief and utter disgust how more than 6000 (yes, six thousand) candidates have registered their names in the electoral council to launch their candidacy to the regional elections. Needless to say, most of them can be said to oppose the ruling government of Hugo Chavez (or so I would have thought).

I just can't understand what is going on. Can it be that we are so incredibly selfish? Or just plain stupid? Based on the above, we must be both.

It is so difficult to come to terms with the idea that we have not learnt anything from these last five years of misery and desperation. The same politicians that drove our country to this situation are today making their best to screw things many times over. So is the case of Claudio Fermin, the already proven incompetent "Adeco" who wants to become Mayor of Caracas, and Eduardo Fernandez, whose son allegedly launched his candidacy to one of the Caracas' districts. These are just two of the saddest examples.

And it is not that I do not favour plurality and freedom. I just oppose disunion and lack of judgment. Talk to any successful business and political leader in the world, and he will no doubt tell you that one of the most important qualities required to succeed is being a team player. In a time when clear leadership, collaboration and unity are needed the most, our fellows Venezuelans are doing precisely the opposite.

I always questioned why the opposition hadn't started talking about a single candidate to confront Chavez, or of a unified socio-economic and political program that proposes a way out to today's crisis. The sad answer seems to be emerging. The overwhelming majority of our leaders do not really seem to care about Venezuela; they are just concentrated in reaching the spotlight, and in their personal ambitions. Pretty much like Chavez, no matter the consequences.

Sometimes I feel relieved because the government thugs can't stop burying themselves deeper in the mud, through all their declarations to the press and dodgy and unconstitutional doings. However, things like the cat fight now unveiled over the regional elections makes me really wonder if we are to blame for the unduly long period that Chavez has held on to power, and ultimately- and worst still, his likely stay until 2021 should we not get our act together and start thinking straight.

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