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Justice in Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

London 25 Mar. 04 - Today I saw this picture in Miguel Octavio's page and could not resist the temptation to post it for, I believe, is the closest approximation to an image of justice in Venezuela. The Constitutional Chamber, having the same hierarchy as the Electoral one, can not under any circumstances render void rulings by the latter. Period. As usual I would like to invite the Lord Dennings of the regime to come up with a piece of legislation that authorizes Ivan Rincon Urdaneta to have acted in such an illegal way.

The meaning "In Venezuela justice is neither blind, nor impartial much less independent; is chavista!"

On a different note the salaried spin doctors of the regime keep crying foul, "como un cargamento de cochinos" as the revered leader would put it, due to the declarations of John Kerry about Hugo Chavez. Government sponsored journalists from obscure websites even dare to ask Kerry to retract. Another rather dodgy operator pretends, with his make-believe piece- to uncover the flaws of Kerry's statement. However the world is still expecting to see: the evidence of the Mega fraud; or the documents that prove the biased stance of OAS observers announced with great fanfare by CNE's director Francisco Carrasquero; or the release of political prisoners; or long jail sentences for those who have violated human rights; or President Chavez requesting the Supreme Court -in plenary session- to resolve the referendum issue; or why laws and statutes are disregarded with total impunity; or why the CNE has not obeyed a ruling by the highest electoral court in the land; I could go ad infinitum...

No bloody wretched-retrograde-fundamentalist is going to save the day for Chavez. His 15 minutes of fame have finished or to put it more bluntly, pardon my French, "ya nadie le come la mierda."

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