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Venezuela: Another Ambassador resigns

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Víctor Rodríguez Cedeño, Venezuelan Ambassador to the UN [alternate] resigned today from his post in Geneva. In a letter addressed to Foreign Secretary Jesús Arnaldo Pérez, Mr. Rodríguez Cedeño expressed “the recent statements of President Chavez, that have been ratified by you, demonstrate in explicit terms the authoritarian character of the present administration which are intolerable to the democratic norms of co-existence universally accepted.”

“To the increasing consolidation of an autocratic way of governing it is added now the flagrant and unpunished violations to human rights and personal liberties of Venezuelans. Such situation becomes even more critical when said practices are tolerated by other public powers, in detriment of their obligatory and necessary independence, common in states where the rule of law is upheld. It is totally unacceptable trying to ignore the recent violations to human rights, much less to justify such abhorrent actions.”

“Owing to the aforementioned, I am under the obligation of separating myself from the Foreign service of the Republic of Venezuela, of which I have been part since 1.966 having exercised my duties with dignity and uninterruptedly achieving the rank of Ambassador.”

“I humbly hope that this resignation will contribute to the peaceful and democratic change that the immense majority of us Venezuelans are claiming for our country. It is not possible to disregard and disobey the people’s will and in so doing to violate the laws enshrined in the legal system and the most fundamental norms that protect human rights, among which the civil and political rights recognised, accepted and observed internationally.”

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