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Venezuela: Communiqué of the ISHR and the Andrei Sajarov Foundation

In the face of the recent wave of crime against the Venezuelan civilian population, which is claiming respect for democracy and its institutions, perpetrated by the new candidate for totalitarian strongman, Hugo Chávez, our organizations of Human Rights express their firm condemnation and make a public call to the international public opinion so that it condemns in categorical fashion the barbarism which, under the direct influence of the Stalinists directives captained by Fidel Castro from Havana, threatens to subject the whole of Venezuelan society to debacle and tyrannical submission.

The subterfuges and false arguments that the ‘Chavismo’ is employing in Venezuela are the same that have been used by other despots that ended up in the extermination of millions of human beings with the sole purpose of perpetuating themselves in power and of creating dynasties of executioners such as Adolph Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Benito Mussolini and Fidel Castro.

A new wave of fascist and Stalinist national socialism is going round Latin America, spearheaded by Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, in quite the same way it went around Europe for decades last century. Those who fight for the integral respect for human rights, anywhere in the planet, can not remain impassive facing this new cycle which can returns us to medieval servility.

Vitautas Landsbergis, President of IGFM, ex President of Lithuania.

Alexander Soljenitzyn, ex prisoner of the Gulag y Nobel Prize in Literature

Lech Walesa, ex president of Poland

Janos Kiss, ex President of the Hungarian Parliament

Václav Havel, ex President of the Check Republic

Serguei Agrusow, Founder of IGFM, Germany

Elena Bonner, President of the Andrei Sajarov Foundation.

Elie Wiezel, Nobel Peace Prize

Haydée Marín, President of the Panamerican Comitte of IGFM

Miroslav Kusy, Memmber of the Parlamient of the Republic of Slovakia

Anton Manolescu, President of the Human Rights Comisión of the Romanian Parliament

Sergel Grigorianc, Helsinki Group of Moscow

Adam Michnik, Polish Intellectual and Reporter.

Ricardo Bofill, President of the Committee for Human Rights of Cuba.

Lee Van Thau, Executive Director of the Human Rights Coordinator of Viet Nam.

Sergej Kovaljov, Russian Movement for Human Rights.

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