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Appeal of President Chávez’s unconstitutional acts introduced at Supreme Court

By Sol Maria Castro,

Attorney Hermann Escarrá filed an appeal asking the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, TSJ, to declare President Hugo Chávez's political conduct in Guyana last week unconstitutional. Escarrá said that with Chávez's announcement that his government will not place obstacles to Guyana's developing the historically disputed border Essequibo region, Venezuela has ignored the Geneva Accord and the good offices of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States. Arguing that this places Venezuela "in a situation of loss”, Escarrá requested the Constitutional Chamber to correct and annul the effect of Chávez's "regrettable (and) shameful statements."

Government’s 2003 Memory and Accounts presented tomorrow.

The National Assembly will hold a special session tomorrow at 2:30 pm to receive the 2003 Memory and Accounts of the Cabinet, led by José Vicente Rangel, Venezuela’s Vice-president. There will be the usual morning session with the discussion of various drafts. “We have decided to pass at least 8 laws in first and second discussion, monthly,” argued the Assembly’s vice-president, Ricardo Gutiérrez.

Ayacucho Command requests investigation against Súmate.

The government party MVR's referendum campaign group Ayacucho Command filed an accusation at the General Attorney’s Office against Súmate for violating Article 172 of the Penal Code, and Articles 6 and 130 of the Constitution. Podemos legislator Ismael García said that Súmate is responsible for electoral irregularities committed during the opposition' signature collection event, between November 28 and December 1, 2003. García, who was received by Attorney General Isaías Rodríguez himself, also denounced the associations Accede, Acción Campesina and Asamblea de Educación, based on four specific documents that would prove that these organizations have received funds from the United States.

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