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Treason: new facet of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez

Editor's note: committed to inform on relevant issues, I must apologise to all of our readers for the untrue comments that I made yesterday in the following article in regards to Chavez having ceded rights to Guyana. As the editorial has been read by a number of people it would be dishonest to ammend its content. Aleksander Boyd

London 22.02.04 – Astonishing as it may sound, the Venezuelan pariah pulled a new sovereign trick; he ceded rights to start development plans to Guyana in his recent visit. It is not enough to donate Venezuela’s oil to Castro; nor it is to allow Colombian guerrillas to roam freely in bordering areas or to permit that a big chunk of the drug produce enter the international market via Venezuela. It is not enough to appoint extremely corrupted individuals to manage the oil company…When will this imbecile stop?

Article 10 of the Venezuelan Constitution establishes:

The territory and other geographical spaces of the Republic are those which belonged to the Captaincy-General of Venezuela before the political transformation begun on April 19, 1810, as amended by virtue of the treaties and arbitration awards which have not been vitiated with nullity.

British Guyana or ‘Essequibo’ as known in Venezuela forms part of that Captaincy-General, further it has been object of a bitter and long dispute between Britain, that in typical pirate fashion invaded the area which caused Venezuela to cease relations with the Crown in 1.888, and Venezuela. Considerable military inequalities forced Venezuela to accept the arbitration process proposed by the USA in 1.897. Customary as it is, the US’ salaried judges favoured Britain with its findings that pretended to expropriate Venezuela of 152.000 Sq. Km. Fortunately back then there were true patriots at the presidency and that resulted in Venezuela ignoring the decision for considering it vitiated with nullity. In 1.966 President Raul Leoni negotiated a solution signing the Geneva Accord. The present constitution deems void America’s findings and establishes the ‘Essequibo’ as part of Venezuela as a zone in legal claim.

In comes the vernacular saviour of the poor. Wounded, desperate and mentally unstable President Chavez knows that he’s near the end. He knows that eventually the OAS will pull out of Venezuela if the CNE invalidates 1 million signatures, so he goes on his trip with newly appointed Foreign Affairs lackey and in clearly unconstitutional manner buys valuable OAS votes from Guyanese President Bharrat Jagdeo, offering oil and land. The OAS might call for the Inter-American democratic Chart to be applied to Venezuela, as they did in Peru with Fujimory, which will cast Chavez as an outlaw. Chavez’ malnourished, puerile brain is in state of emergency. Money seems to be the only solution and money he gives. Fortunately the country can recover from the pitiful state it encounters at the moment, however how will it return to the same legal standing once Guyana, complying with Chavez’ words, starts developing the area in question?

And then he calls himself a patriot, a nationalist. All his minions repeat the same discourse like parrots; OEA don’t come here we’re a sovereign nation… It is morally, ethically and politically incorrect to wish terrible things to happen to other people, however we are not talking about ordinary people here; Hugo Chavez and his defenders are the scoriae in the cloaca and as such they shall be treated. Sovereignty in my dictionary means an autonomous state one that is free from external control. Irrefutably Castro has an undeniable leverage in Venezuela and most certainly disrespecting the country’s legal claims to recover land makes Chavez a traitor to Venezuela; 30 years in jail that is… Predictably enough none of the leftist outlets speak about the issue; rather they entertain fictitious economic figures or stress Venezuelan’s lateness characteristics.

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