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Electoral Director and MP harassed and threatened by National Guards in Venezuela

By Sol Maria Castro,

One of the National Electoral Council directors, Sobella Mejías, and Democratic Action, AD, legislator, Edgar Zambrano, filed a complaint in the National Guard Command, and the Scientific, Penal, and Criminology Investigative Bureau, for the alleged assault and harassment they were subjected to by a group of National Guardsmen following instructions of General Marcos Rojas Figueroa, head of the metropolitan command (CORE 5) this Saturday evening when they were at a restaurant in Catia La Mar, Vargas State. Zambrano was escorted handcuffed by the soldiers, insulted and beaten, and left in the restaurant’s parking lot. Zambrano had to visit the CORE 5 Command to have them open the handcuffs. General Rojas Figueroa denies the allegations, and insists the problem was with some photographers from the military police, DIM.

Bolivar devaluated 20%: Official exchange rate Bs. 1,920 to a dollar.

According to the Official Gazette No. 37,874, the Minister of Finances along with the Central Bank, BCV, decided to fix the foreign exchange rate to 1,920 bolivars to the dollar for sale and VEB 1,916 for purchase.The decision, which was dated Friday, February 6, is to take effect on Monday.

Thousands are showing their face to say they signed.

In a volunteer-led initiative called “The Referendum Faces”, thousands of people who signed the petition for a presidential recall referendum, are sending their pictures which are being shown in newspaper ads, and on a wall in a rally yesterday in the Altamira Freeway. Cecilia Sosa, former president of the Supreme Court, and one of the leaders of the initiative, said, “The idea is to show the government people are not afraid, and that behind each signature petitioning the presidential recall referendum, there is a flesh and bone individual that reasons and is asking for his rights to be respected.” The pic collages, 80% of which are female, will be shown in places around the cities and near the electoral body headquarters.

Opposition prepares a series of events to prepare for deadline.

The opposition, grouped in the Democratic Coordinator, (political parties and NGOs), professional associations, neighborhood assemblies, etc., has prepared a series of rallies and protests starting this weekend to wait for the announced results of the verification of the signatures petitioning a presidential recall referendum, among them marches to the National Electoral Council, CNE, on a daily basis (Monday, intellectuals; Tuesday, the CD, professional associations and governors; Wednesday, mayors; Thursday, lawmakers; Friday, CD spokesmen, and Saturday, all who signed), the unveiling of a count down billboard placed in the freeway this Monday evening, a march to the Ombudsman’s Office on Tuesday, a “cornetazo” (horn honking) on Thursday at noon, and a vigil starting Thursday evening, to mark the expected announcement. On Friday, Súmate will hand over certificates of signature on Francisco de Miranda Avenue, which people will take with them in the Saturday, February 14 march to the CNE.

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