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Dear Ms Golinger-Moncada:

Please find enclosed a link regarding Chavez' case and its referral to the ICC by the Spanish Audience (

I sent you an email not long ago in regards to your particular interpretation to the Art 72 of the Venezuelan Constitution, in which you cite "The opposition will begin to again claim that the Venezuelan government is not constitutional". Well Ms Golinger-Moncada (such a revolutionary name BTW), can you as a right-thinking lawyer affirm that Chavez' government is constitutional? Does your knowledge of the Bolivarian Constitution obliterate the fact that 26.000 Venezuelans residing overseas have been denied the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to participate in political matters? I should be most grateful if, after exploring, the constitution, the organic law of suffrage and political participation, the organic law of the electoral power and the organic law of public administration you can come up with a CONSTITUTIONAL answer or explanation to such an absurd decision.

Please do not try to blame the board of directors of the CNE for they are as independent as any other government official presently in Venezuela. I do not know what law school you attended and what sort of knowledge you have acquired, however I can categorically state that if you gained your degree in the USA, Europe or Venezuela you should be able to asses that Chavez government is not constitutional but rather the epitome of a power-hoarding democracy. I am a law student, and believe you me, I have been trying hard (in libraries, Westlaw and legal sources) to find a rational and logic elucidation of the constitutionality of the Bolivarian regime, comparing and contrasting it with civil and common law systems of other countries to no avail. Could you please forward me your sources of constitutional information?

It must also be observed that you were wrong then as you are now with your "Why the Chavez case will not be heard in the Hague". It shocks me that, as a person who purportedly knows the law, you are still defending Chavez and his wretched revolution.

Yours faithfully,

Aleksander Boyd

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