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Supporters of Hugo Chavez are pale

By Daniel Duquenal

Saturday 29, 10:20 AM - As I am finishing my cup of tea I wanted to let you know that my morning cup of tea tastes particularly good this morning. I suspect that the breakfast of pro-Chavez supporters did not taste that good.

Let's start with international observer from Argentina, Alicia Castro, a congresswoman. Interviewed on state TV this morning, the only thing that she was able to observe where two incidents, one rather nasty (though the way De La Rua was ousted, and how Piqueteros act should have inured her some, one would think). That was all. No comment on the civism in hundred of sites, no comments on the aggression to Juan Fernandez. But quickly she went on to talk against globalization and other stuff, visibly tense in spite of her spectacular outfit and overall dashing appearance. Indeed, she was this week in Caracas to attend one of these forums that Chavez sponsors right and left and which are excellent platforms for politicians like her. She has something at stake and dutifully repeated all the chavista lines while ignoring reality, but with an Argentinean accent. It was cute.

The second sad case was Assemblyman Tascon, fighting the recall effort against himself in Tachira. I will not extend on the numerous reports of Tascon pressure on people to sign up for Chavez last week, which already should make him take a low profile these days, but low profile is another word missing from the chavista lexicon.

Well, Mr. Tascon from the press podium of the vice-presidency declared, I kid you not, that although he was not allowed to give numbers, his own partial numbers pointed out to a failure by the opposition on Friday. The argument went like this: the chavista effort was not national and the maximum to be collected for them was 7 + millions. The opposition potential is nation wide and thus 12 + millions. According to him, since the opposition has failed to collect twice as many signatures as chavistas on their first day Friday 21, then it was a bust. “And they know it!” he screamed, but less than proudly. Actually, it was very sad to see his body language say something totally different from his vocal and confused presentation. This by itself spoke volumes of their discomfiture.

Meanwhile Globovision was showing long lines again this morning.


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