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The Venezuela Connection: Spain seizes 5 tons of cocaine in the Atlantic

Feb 27, 2009, 14:00 GMT | Madrid - A special anti-drug unit set up by the Spanish tax administration agency has intercepted a vessel carrying 5 tons of cocaine in the Atlantic, the agency said Friday.

The five Venezuelan crew of the 16-metre-long Dona Fortuna were detained in the operation, which took place some 1,500 kilometres off the Canary Islands on Thursday.

The cocaine, which was believed to come from Colombia, would have been worth about 250 million euros (300 million dollars) on the black market.

The traffickers were believed to have intended to take the drug to Spain's north-western region of Galicia, which would have acted as its gateway into the European market.

The operation followed the seizure of four tons of cocaine off Galicia six weeks ago.


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