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Correcting Venezuela coverage: man killed in blast was police officer

By Aleksander Boyd

25.02.08 | The man killed while planting a bomb in the headquarters of Fedecamaras, Venezuela's business chamber, was in fact a police officer at the Metropolitan Police. Héctor Serrano was identified as the only victim of the blast, which caused extensive material damage. Leaflets of a leftist guerrilla group, called Ejército Izquierdista del Pueblo (FGV-EIP), were found.

While reading this piece of news, it's worth bearing in mind: this video of Hugo Chavez threatening Fedecamaras' chair just a few days before the explosion; and these statements of Minister of Interior and Justice Ramón Rodríguez Chacín saying that the Metropolitan Police was to become a "socialist, revolutionary and subversive police force." Equally important to remember that Rodriguez Chacín is the same man who said to FARC narcoterrorists "keep up the good fight, we are with you."

Update: journalist Victor Escalona from daily El Mundo reports today that members of the urban guerrilla group cited above are in fact chavistas, who are on the government's payroll and whose contracting by the Metropolitan Police was done following recommendations of a chavista Congressman. A total of four recent blasts have been attributed to the group.

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