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Barf Alert: Chavez says Evo's also in George's hit list

By Aleksander Boyd

London 11.09.07 - Back in London for some time I read this wonderful piece by Kiraz Janicke (cool revolutionary name BTW): "Chavez Warns that Bolivia is Being Destabilized by U.S. Just as Venezuela" That's right folks, George is out to kill Evo too. And to think that we were certain about the infallibility of Georgie's plan... Damn Chavez, he got wind on the plans again. Must have been tipped by comrade Golinger, who even provided plot evidence hot from USAID's Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI).

Bolivia is just another province of that sea of happiness invented by Fidel Castro 50 years ago. Now that Evo is spearheading a democratic coup a la Chavez George wants to getting him out of the picture. Pity...

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