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Re Venezuela: how do you call this Oxford Analytica?

By Aleksander Boyd

Picture taken in Maracaibo's Avenida 5 de Julio at 19:37GMT (3:37PM local time) Wednesday 29.11.06.

Stage of closing Rosales' closing rally in Maracaibo 19:59GMT 29.11.06 | So Forbes prints today parts of some report by Oxford Analytica, whose analyses on Venezuela have been proved innacurate in the past. This time round the pundits from Oxford affirm "The Venezuelan presidential candidates held their final campaign rallies over the weekend" (sic). I won't go into the detail of debunking arguments about a purported "convincing Chavez victory" (sic) according to polls commissioned and paid by PDVSA or the Venezuelan administration. Well dear Oxfordians, how do you call this rally held today Wednesday 29 November 2006? How about the one yesterday in Puerto La Cruz? Are your analyses as accurate as your notion of time and dates?

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