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Complutense University denies endorsing Chavez`s poll

By Aleksander Boyd

Caracas 17.11.06 - Letter received from the information office of the Complutense University of Madrid with respect to the allegad poll conducted by that University in Venezuela, which suggests that Hugo Chavez`s support level doubles that of presidential candidate Manuel Rosales.

Dear Sir or Madam,

In response to your email we inform you that it has been passed onto the Dean`s office in case an adequate reply could be given.

However we inform you that the fact that the professors that allegedly conducted the poll are part of the Complutense University does not mean that this University endorses said poll, for this is a job done by these professors in private manner, furthermore poll results have been published in official stationary of a foundation, Centre for Political and Social Studies (CEPS in Spanish) which suggest that the poll was conducted by the professors as members of that organization.


Information Office
Complutense University of Madrid
Rectorado de la Universidad Complutense
Avda. de SÚneca, 2
28040 MADRID
Phone: - 91 4520400
Fax: 91 3943497

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