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Petroleos de Venezuela forcing workers to support Chavez

By Aleksander Boyd

Caracas 25.10.06 | A leaked memo from Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) containing 24 directives reveals that oil workers are forced to support Chavez and devote up to 20 hours a day to ensure the caudillo's reelection. If that weren't grave enough oil workers -conveniently dressed in red- are meant to adopt a vigilante attitude with those "not identified with the process" who will be "isolated and dismissed" (sic). Is the clearest example I have seen thus far of the politization of a once respected energy corporation. In truly democratic fashion Bs.100,000 will be deducted monthly from "leaders and supervisors." A 'donation' of Bs. 250 million -made up of monies stolen from workers'- would be presented by PDVSA to Comando Miranda, Chavez's presidential campaign team. Alexis Bracho Bozo from PDVSA's electric department in Lagunillas -Zulia state- is identified as the author of the memo, which he distributed in a meeting to other managers. Perhaps a kind reader will have the time to translate the whole thing, which I post here in any case.

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