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Manuel Rosales: "Chavez admits we are tied"

By Aleksander Boyd

London 14.09.06 | Opposition candidate Manuel Rosales declared satisfaction by Chavez's alleged admission that they were tied according to private polls conducted by the government. Rosales based his statement on information leaked from Chavez's campaign team "Comando Miranda."

Rosales commended the positive development by saying "at last the Venezuelan president is accepting reality and admitting before his team that we are tied. He deserves a congratulation" added Rosales, who included in his press release "all the polls analysed by us show deep discontentment towards the Chavez administration performance."

The opposition candidate declared that Chavez is right when he demands an extraordinary effort from his campaign team for the race is far from decided. On the contrary "I have no doubts that they must prepare for we will beat them" concluded Rosales.

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