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Hugo Chavez declares his unremitting love to Fidel Castro

By Aleksander Boyd

"This is the best visit ever; better even that when I went to see my first girlfriend." Hugo Chavez to Fidel Castro

London 15.08.06 | There are few spectacles in life more disgusting than to see a man refusing to think independently. The one thing that diffentiates man from animal is rationality. The ability to think is what sets humankind apart from the rest of living creatures. To see a man volunteering to render his intellect useless before another in the sake of an ideology, creed, or belief is the supreme act of denying its own self.

The clip above where Hugo Chavez, holding hands and gazing infatuatedly, declares his unremitting love towards Fidel Castro is, without a doubt, the clearest manifestation of his unfitness to rule Venezuela, or any other nation for that matter. Chavez even states that he was, for a week, trying to finish a Castro's portrait but couldn't. Was he elected to paint portraits of dictators or to govern? Repugnance is too kind a term to describe such abomination.

However the saddest aspect of this Dantesque freak show is the number of people worldwide who are convinced that those two are worth any admiration or respect.

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