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Chavez in London: The Sun prints from Vcrisis...

By Aleksander Boyd

London 11.05.06 | Apparently not only The Times saw fit to provide to its readership our version of the Venezuelan story. In Today's Sun [p.32] in a column entitled The Whip one can read the following bit:

VENEZUELAN President Hugo Chavez is heading for London this weekend. Chavez famously described Tony Blair as the "main ally of Hitler" for cosying up to President George Bush, whom he calls "Mr. Danger." Blair can take some consolation from the fact that not everyone is happy with Chavez's visit to see London Mayor Ken Livingstone during his three-day private trip. One of Chavez's most vitriolic Venezuelan opponents, Right-winger Aleksander Boyd, calls Ken: "The typical socially resented, double-faced, backward-thinking, anti-establishment, anti-semitic, homophobic, extreme-Left radical Labour figure that one would encounter in a European political setting. His siding with Chavez demonstrates just that."

Wonder what the tabloids would print if they knew how London's taxpayer money and resources are being used by Red Ken these days...

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