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2005 report: Venezuela Information Office pays another $60.000 to Segundo Mercado Llorens

By Aleksander Boyd

London 28.10.05 | For advice rendered on "general issues regarding the relationship of the United States to Venezuela", the Venezuela Information Office paid -for the six month period ending in June 2005- $60.000 to lobbyist Segundo Mercado Llorens. Thus US' House of Representative's and Senate's lobbyist pockets a handsome $10.000/month. Given that the Chavez regime increased the minimum salary in urban areas to Bs. 405.000 or $188, Mercado Llorens earns the equivalent of 53 Venezuelans on the lowest income bracket. The paid lobbyist and apologist then has the cheek to try and undermine the credibility of Venezuelan taxpayers, when they present interested parties in Washington the gruesome reality about human rights violations under the Chavez neocommunist regime.

Added to the $124.000 that he already received in previous periods, one realizes how lucrative can become the business of sucking it up and doing the bidding for dictators that argue that being rich is bad...

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