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Pending arrest of Hugo Chavez in Salamanca?

By Aleksander Boyd

London 14.10.05 | "Spain's Constitutional Court ruled last week that Spanish courts have jurisdiction to investigate cases of genocide and crimes against humanity outside Spain, even if no Spanish victims were involved" reported Reuters today. Could that be the reason why 'president' for life Fidel Castro declined invitation to the Latin American summit in Salamanca?

Furthermore should that be the case, will Hugo Chavez be arrested upon arrival in view of the case for crimes against humanity presented not long ago in Spain by victims of the massacre of April 11 2002 before the Spanish Royal Audience?

For it is worth remembering that on January 28, 2003 President Chavez and a group of Venezuelan government officials were charged with crimes against humanity, human rights violations and terrorism by Spanish justices of the Audiencia Nacional. Judge Fernando Andreu of the Audiencia Nacional, Spain's national court with jurisdiction over certain types of criminal matters, decided in late March 2003 to defer prosecution of the case brought against Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

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