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Hugo Chavez: Global Clown

By Aleksander Boyd

London 16.09.05 | Oh is a good day today! A few representatives of the international community were able to witness first hand Hugo Chavez's performance and what a show that was. One must guess that, after yesterday's speech at a deserted UN floor, he's fallen from grace with the reformist wing spearheaded by spineless Kofi Annan, who's seeking to entrench his bribe-grabbing tribe of for-profit UN-crats for decades to come at the expense of the world's nations. And what would be the thought today of the aid NGOs? The link provided is to the Spanish version, I'm affraid that the simultaneous translator, as a good example of UN staff efficiency, just couldn't do a half decent job, although one must forgive his appalling translation for not everyday a global clown takes the floor...

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