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By A.M. Mora y Leon | Publius Pundit

24.07.05 | Greenpeace recently told Venezuelan activist Alek Boyd it had better things to do than defend endangered species in Hugo Chavezís slash-and-burn Venezuela. So, rare-songbird soup is back on the menu in Chavistaville. A private nature conservancy full of rare animals and plants unique to Venezuela, Hato Pinero, is under the machete by Chavezís Marxist-Leninist land-confiscators as never before.

The Los Angeles Times has the full horrible story on Hato Pinero that Greenpeace doesnít care about here.

Here are the desperate pleas from Hato Pineroís owners about this ensuing maelstrom of environmental waste ahead: Andres Branger made pleas to save his conservancy here and here.

Bloggers have been watching this Mugabe-redux nightmare for a long time. Alek Boyd has written about it here. Gustavo Coronel has written about it in powerful detail here. Daniel Duquenal has written about the horror here and here. Miguel Octavio has written about it here and here. And I have written about this Soviet-redolent travesty here and here.

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