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Hugo Chavez has choked PDVSA

By Aleksander Boyd

London 05.05.05 | Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) in in such an impossible state of anarchy and disarray that extraordinary measures have been implemented following orders of Hugo Chavez. Let the events speak the truth: Hugo Chavez has said that the armed forces have taken control of oil installations due to sabotage caused by a misterious "hairy and black hand" read CIA. The presidential statement has been reinforced with comments of Venezuela's Minister of Defence, General Garcia Carneiro, and of General Lopez Hidalgo, Sec. General of Venezuela's Defence Council.

However PDVSA's president and Minister of Energy Rafael Ramirez denies that the Venezuelan army have taken control of certain installations and issued a communiqué from Houston, where he happens to be selling the idea that Venezuela is a stable enough place to invest in the energy sector.

All the while, Chavez has accepted, for the first time, that production is below OPEC quota levels (according to OPEC's own figures and those of the IEA they have been since after the strike ended in February 2003).

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