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Rumor - Venezuela works on nuclear arms

From Yahoo! Message Boards

23.04.05 | A Vcrisis reader draw my attention to a message board related to the "Venezuela Ends Military Program With U.S." article:

It's a rumor that Venezuela is slowly trying to get rid of american influence so they can work on the nuclear weapons program and assist Castro.

Editor's note

The above comment was posted in Yahoo! News Message Boards regarding the decision by the Chavez administration to order the immediate leave of all US military personel currently present in Venezuela. The "hatred towards Americans" campaign instigated by Hugo Chavez and members of his regime seems to be paying nice dividends amongst leftist fundamentalists and other radicals. The US administration should be well advised in taking appropriate measures to at least curtail the spreading of these type of messages charged with hatred, specially in publicly accessible fora such as Yahoo! Message Boards. A. Boyd

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