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Killing you softly with populism: Chavez' failure with the economy, success with his promises

By Miguel Octavio | The Devil's Excrement

04.03.05 | Indeed, how is it that such an ineffective administration can maintain such a high popularity level? How Chavez can be such a snake farmer, that people whose purchasing power has been decimated by six years of this so called revolution, still have a hope that things will improve, even if they seem to be getting worse each day. You see, one of the mysteries of the last six years is where has the money gone? It is a premise of the Keynesian economics, so favored by most Venezuelan professionals in that field, that public expenditures alone can sustain the economy, generate economic growth and at least, give the appearance of prosperity until the day of reckoning come, when income drops and you have to face the music. But as the following slide from a presentation sent by a friend and reader I had not heard from in a long time shows, this economic formula has failed miserably in the last six years. More >>

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