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Economic systems made easy

By Majiks

02.03.05 | Let us define some of the various economic systems of the world and see which is the best. Using a farmer with two cows to show us.

1) Fascism: Go to your neighbour´s farm, shoot the farmer and steal his cows.

2) Liberalism: Give one cow to your neighbour.

3) Socialism: Give both cows to the government.

4) Chavismo: Give both cows to Chavez, give him your farm, don a red T-shirt and watch VTV all day long.

5) Communism: Give both cows to the government, give them your farm, don a red T-shirt.

6) Capitalism: Sell one cow and buy a bull!!

Which one of these is progress and is the spirit of mankind? It´s all pretty simple really.

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