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Venezuela: Tulio Alvarez condemned to 2 year imprisonment for defamation

By Aleksander Boyd

London 11.02.05 | Away from the limelight and whilst the rain continues to wreak havoc in Venezuela, the repressive apparatus of Hugo Chavez continues unabated. Lawyer Tulio Alvarez was condemned yesterday to 2 year / 3 month imprisonment for defamation, an offence that heretofore was never penalized with imprisonment. As it is commonly recognized in legal circles internationally, defamation is not a crime punishable with prison sentences; not in Venezuela though where the regime uses illegal antics to crush political opponents.

The case against Tulio Alvarez was presented by one of Chavez' staunchest of supporters former president of the National Assembly William Lara. Alvarez denounced Lara for misappropriation of funds belonging to unions of the National Assembly.

Worth noting that Alvarez spearheaded the commission set up to investigate the electoral fraud conducted prior, during and post recall referendum by Venezuela's officialdom. The result of the inquiry demonstrated that the vote was rigged.

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