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Breaking News Venezuela: DISIP raids former oil execs houses

By Aleksander Boyd

London 10.01.05 | The house of former PDVSA executive Juan Santana has just been raided by the police (DISIP). They are now raiding that of Horacio Medina, another oil executive accused by the Chavez regime of treason. Sources report that they are headed for yet another raid in Edgar Paredes' house.

Lawyers of Mireya Panti, another manager accused, have been prevented from reading and accesing the files regarding this case, even though they were appointed as defence more than a year ago. Judge Jose Ramon Flores maintains that the appointment only contemplates acts of assistance whilst in the company and with the presence of Mireya Ripanti. Representation in absentia will not be permitted by the judge.

Addendum after three hours...

Globovision, just posted information with respects to the raids. Let us see how long will it take the international news conglomerates.

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