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Re Jose Serrano's stance on Venezuela

A reader's opinion...

09.12.04 | Seasons Greeting. I read the NY TImes article with Congressman Jose Serrano saying the US played a significant part in the actions of April 11. It's kind of funny to me since I live in the Bronx NY (where Mr Serrano represents in Congress) and all I hear him say is about the living conditions of other places. Mr Serrano and all of his Democratic buddies in Congress should pay attention to the law Chavez implemeted this past week and then tell me that Venezuela is a Democracy.

Secondly, (me being from Puerto Cabello, Carabobo) Mr.Serrano is implying that Chavez has so much support since April 11th, that the election in my home state were not fixed. Why can't all these Congressmen of the US see that the tyrant (Chavez) is squeezing the life and hope out of my people. With the expected devaluation of the Bolivar in January, how many more of my people will have less economic resources???

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