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Breaking News: Six more deaths in the Venezuela – Colombia frontier

By Globovision*

London 21 Sep. 04 – In spite of the strong military presence in the border between Venezuela and Colombia due to the late attack of guerrilla groups, six civilians have been killed. Gustavo Peña, chief of the investigative police (CICPC) informed that three people were assassinated in the sector known as “La Chiricoa” in San Camilo Apure state. Hours later, near the military post of “La Charca” three other corpses were found.

Another confrontation between Venezuela’s army and Colombian guerrillas took place late yesterday causing the death of another person.

Globovision reports that the minister of defence, Jorge Garcia Carneiro, is yet to confirm said information. Leaks suggest that General William Warrick (commander of the second division of infantry of the area’s military garrison) was instructed by Garcia Carneiro himself to abstain from briefing the press.

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*Translated by Aleksander Boyd

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