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Venezuela's Sumate investigated

By Miguel Octavio

The Directors of Sumate held a press conference to inform the public that they have been asked to go to the Attorney General’s office to testify as “accused” in the case of the contribution by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) from the US to their cause. NED contributed $53,400 to Sumate’s efforts.

Curiously, the same Attorney General never found any cause for concern with the illegal campaign contribution (over US$ 1 million) by Banco Bilbao y Vizcaya to Hugo Chavez’ presidential campaign. That contribution was not only illegal, but was never reported by Chavez’ MVR, despite this, the Attorney General never pressed charges.

By the way, NED gave over US$ 1 million in contributions in Venezuela to 15 projects in 2003 alone, how come Sumate is the only one under investigation?

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