"ETA fight just and irreproachable": Venezuela Ambassador to Spain

By Alek Boyd

London 30/10/2010 - A letter from Hernando Contreras, a former public prosecutor, claims that Isaías Rodriguez, former Attorney General and current Venezuelan Ambassador to Spain, said that the fight of Basque terrorist group ETA was "just and irreproachable".

Contreras addressed the letter to Venezuela's current Attorney General, stating that in 2001, Arturo Cubillas, the ETA member wanted in Spain in connection to assassination of policemen and training of ETA terrorists, was detained in Caracas' airport carrying a fake Spanish passport and $5,000. Rodriguez has therefore been aware of the presence and illegal activities of Cubillas in Venezuela since, at least, 2001.

Contreras confronted Rodriguez in 2005, during the latter's tenure as Attorney General, and asked what had happened to that investigation, to which Rodriguez allegedly said that ETA's fight was "just and irreproachable", and that further investigations by public prosecutors would probably have led to an "unjust extradition process." Contreras also claims that Rodriguez discharged him of his duties as public prosecutor in relation to Cubillas' arrest in 2001, and appointed a close collaborator (Mercedes Prieto), who stalled investigations.

Should Contreras allegations be truthful, Venezuela's current Ambassador to Spain could be sued for apology of terrorism.