Eva Golinger attacks Michael Moore

By Alek Boyd

London 21/10/09 | Nowadays, only rarely I can summon enough motivation to expose, even more, the sheer lunacy and untenable position of Hugo Chavez's paid apologists. Readers of this site were treated, years ago, to information that unmasks Eva Golinger, as having practiced law without proper credentials, as having accepted donations from the American public on the basis of false tax status that were never granted by the IRS, of being a propagandist of Chavez without having registered with the Foreign Agent Registration Unit, of having offered legal services in states where she is not allowed to do so, of having lied about association with professional organizations, in sum, Eva Golinger is as much of a fraud as the dictator she so feverishly defends.

But Golinger's latest broadside against Michael Moore, owing to statements made by Moore during Jimmy Kimmel's Live show recently, comes as a surprise, even to me that have been keeping track, and documenting for future reference, her activities.

Golinger is upset because Michael Moore is being, erm, Michael Moore, that is, a guy who rose to fame for shooting liberal controversial documentaries to ridicule America's right-wing establishment. This is how Golinger starts her crackpot rant: "Moore proceed to completely make up a fairy-tale, attempting to pass it off as reality." Earth to Eva: that is precisely what Michael Moore does for a living!

In a rather surprising turn, Golinger then tries to pass as Latin American, despite the fact that she appears unaware of the partying nature of her 'fellow' chavistas, was born in the USA, was educated in the USA, and has lived all but a handful of years of her life in the USA. Furthermore, calling Bush the devil, as Chavez did during his second to last intervention in the UN, is, in Golinger's opinion, telling it "like it is."

"Where we come from, speeches are made from the heart and soul..." writes Golinger, who came to the world in a military camp somewhere in the USA. But who is that "we" she mentions? Hugo Chavez? Nicolas Maduro, referred to by Moore as Chavez's bodyguard despite being Venezuela's Foreign Secretary? Chavistas? Boliburgueses such as Diosdado Cabello o Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco? Who is "we"?

Golinger then goes into hyper-BS overdrive stating that Moore is admired by "millions of Venezuela" (sic), but only after she claimed that "Moore has been known for his documentary work; filming and telling “facts”. But on this ocassion, Moore has turned into the worst of yellow journalists, a liar and story-teller on the big screen." So which is it? Is Moore just another producer of fictional docu-dramas, as Kim Bartley and Donnacha O'Brien, or is he a documentary maker admired by millions for bringing "facts" to the big screen?

Chavez, who is known to make the most of any PR opportunity to appear with "admired" people, gracefully declined to have the meeting with Moore filmed, at the request of the latter according to Golinger. Mind you, a narcissistic, power-mad, military putschist, who's forced on the public his image and rants for countless hours at every whim, just declined to have his crew film this encounter with Moore, and the world is meant to take the word of a woman with an impressive track record of lies and deceit as proof. Right.

In Golinger's 'Latin' world, only producers of Tequila (Mexicans) can drink it, for Venezuelans can only drink rum, which is what they produce. I mean this is just beyond the pale. Golinger's drivel didn't fly, not even in the very propaganda rag where she contributes.