Crocodile Tours & Adventure: Venezuela's Leading Tour Operator

London 19.02.07 | Crocodile Tours & Adventure is an American managed travel company offering a comprehensive range of adventure and special-interest tours in Venezuela. Our goal has always been to provide well organized, exciting and educational trips at affordable prices. We specialize in tailor-made holiday arrangements to suit discerning individual clients as well as arranging trips for larger groups.

We started as pioneers in the adventure tour business back in the eighties, being instrumental in the creation and promotion of the now globally known "Lost World Tour." We took people to places they did not even know existed. We are older now and more experienced but we still do that magical mystery tour, at the level of our clients' choosing.

From the majestic Angel Falls to the vast plains of the wildlife-filled Llanos, we offer a varied list of tour itineraries to see and experience the magic of the tropics, from programs on specific topics (bespoke tours for researches on Ecology, Biology, Geology & Human science), to others oriented to the more adventurous traveler -such as trekking in the Andes & Amazon jungles, horseback riding, paragliding, base jumping, fishing, white water rafting & mountain biking- to more leisurely programs for those just wanting to sunbathe in pristine and unspoilt Caribbean beaches.

Our trip guides are carefully selected for their travel experience and extensive knowledge of the various cultural and natural aspects found in Venezuela, one of the least exploited tourist destinations left on earth.