International Seminar on Liberal Democracy: Democracy, Freedom and the Rule of Law

International Seminar on Liberal Democracy: Democracy, Freedom and the Rule of Law The SÃO PAULO Commercial Association is proud to announce the International Seminar on Liberal Democracy to be held next May, 15-16. The aim of the Seminar is to present and discuss the ideas of a group of intellectuals and directors of organizations from many Countries on the principal matters related to Democracy, Freedom and the Rule of Law from a liberal-conservative point of view and to suggest contributions to specific policies to practical implementation of liberal ideas in Latin American Countries.

Organization: São Paulo Commercial Association

Sponsorship: Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Diário do Comércio e MidiaSemMascara Technical

Organization: Heitor De Paola

Hotel Caesar Business São Paulo, SP, Brasil, 15/16 May, 2006 Avenida Paulista, 2181


The Differences between American and European Concepts of Democracy and the Impact of American and French Revolutions: The Rule of Law versus the Rule of Majority

Guy Sorman Political Scientist and Writer

Armando Ribas Lawyer, Master in Law, Professor, Political Philosophy

Christian Foundations of Freedom and Democracy

Alejandro Chafuén CEO and President, Atlas Economic Research Foundation and Hispanic American Center for Economic Research

Ives Gandra da Silva Martins PhD Philosophy of Law, Professor Honoris Causa of many Universities in Brazil and abroad

Olavo de Carvalho Philosopher and Journalist, Washington D.C. Correspondent of Diário do Comercio (videoconference)

Cláudio Andrés Tellez Graduate International Relations/Business

The Rule of Law and Individual Rights as the Foundations of Liberty

Jacy de Souza Mendonça, Ph D Law Philosophy, Professor of Law

Edgar Teran President, Organization Hacia la Seguridad – Imperio de la Ley, Former Minister of Foreign Relations, Republic of Ecuador

Fernando Lobo D’Eça Lawyer, Member of Committee for International Relations and Foreign Trade, São Paulo Lawyers Organization

The Political Consequences of Liberalism: The Bill of Rights and the Due Process of Law

Lorenzo Bernardo de Quirós Director, International Foundation for Freedom

Clifford May President, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies

Maurice Ferré Former Mayor of Miami City and Member of the Board of Commissioners of Miami-Dade County, Representative of the State of Florida

The Reasons of Failure and the Risks of Democracy in Latin America

Ricardo Lopez Gottig PhD. in History (Charles University, Prague). Senior Researcher, Escuela Superior de Economia y Administración de Empresas - ESEADE (Buenos Aires). Professor of Social Theory, Master in Economy and Political Science, ESEADE.

Aleksander Boyd Founder and director of Pro Venezuela Organization [PROVEO], Founder and editor of, an independent news service in English that seeks to report objectively the present political crisis of Venezuela

Percival Puggina Founder and President, Tarso Dutra Foundation for Public Administration and Political Studies, Counsellor, Christian Entrepreneurs Association, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

Specific Policies to Practical Implementation of Liberal Ideas

Luis Alberto Lacalle Lawyer, Journalist, Former President of Republica Oriental del Uruguay

Joaquin Lavin Former Mayor of Santiago de Chile, Former Presidential Candidate in Republic of Chile

Guilherme Afif Domingos President, Commercial Association of São Paulo, Former Presidential Candidate in Brazil

Ubiratan Iorio Ph D in Economics, President, Interdisciplinary Center on Personalist Ethics and Economics, Former Director, School of Economics, Rio State University