Taj Natural Foods stocks Rainforest Casabe Crackers

London 15.08.05 | Taj Natural Foods has started stocking Rainforest Casabe Crackers. With respect to the opening in Brighton of the huge store, right across the street from an outlet of supermarket giant Waitrose, Natural Products Magazine reported on its June issue "after its much-awaited store opening at the end of May, the store offers a huge range of middle eastern and far eastern foods, as well as both organic and natural products. With over 7,500 product lines on the shelves in its first week of opening, Taj Natural Foods makes formidable high street competition for local supermarkets".

“Our aim is to be available to everyone,” says Amir Khan, joint owner, “at a price that is affordable to everyone. We’ve sourced our products from all over the world, and have deliberately not stocked standard supermarket lines.”

Initiatives such as Taj Natural Foods are most welcome taking into account the limited and ever so dull range of foods offered by traditional supermarkets. Certainly the inclusion of exotic and healthy alternatives such as Rainforest Casabe Crackers shall contribute positively with the grocery shopping experience at Taj Natural Foods.