London 26.06.05 | You know that Yucca plant that graces your living room? Did you know that back in its native Amazonian forests it is used to make a cracker - a gluten-free Casabe cracker no less! And very tasty they are too.

Made from fresh, organic cassava (yucca) plus onion and hot peppers, or roasted garlic, the crackers are light and crisp - excellent with almost anything on top! Indeed the Onion and Garlic varieties are very ‘moreish’ on their own with a glass of wine or beer.

The Casabe Rainforest Crackers are imported from the Dominican Republic by Vida Organica, a South American group importing environmentally sustainable foods from small local producers - they also have some fine chocolate and natural preserves.

They are seeking distribution in the UK, but meanwhile you can buy them direct from Vida Organica at or tel. 0800 3891667. They cost £1.85 for 100g pack - and watch out - sweet biccies soon!