Vheadline's Roy Carson fall from revolutionary grace

By Aleksander Boyd

London 09.06.05 | The following remarks have been taken from an article about the latest cosmic confabulation against Vheadline's editor Roy Carson. Links to counteract the spin have been provided. It is an oddity that this site would link, twice in the same day, to propaganda mouthpieces of the Chavez regime, however I reckon that in both instances one can see clear evidence of the revolutionary class that misgoverns our Venezuela. Bold has been added to highlight the respectful and decorous language of Roy Carson. Yuri Pimentel is Venezuela's Vice Minister of Communication and Information. Roy Carson is allegedly a journalist based in the UK. It is unclear whether Carson has Venezuelan citizenship, which would condone his language towards a Venezuelan official.

Last year we were approached... following a spate of hate-Venezuela website intrigue with an offer of support for VHeadline.com from the Venezuelan government".

We were summarily informed that Mr. Pimentel's budget -- which stretches to include free trips to Venezuela for family-faithful media friends to stay at the Caracas Hilton, spend time on the beach with prostitutes and then to write tele-novelas about the sex-adventure in paradise -- was "stretched" to the point that he could only pay in Bolivares.

Not only that ... as it later transpired ... if we were to accept payment in Bolivares (against the not so subtle understanding that we would have to purchase hard currency on the flourishing Venezuelan black market with resultant loss), Vice Minister Pimentel imposed a further series of roadblocks in a spurious claim that VHeadline.com (a business entity registered legally abroad) must register as a company under Venezuelan jurisdiction and then submit to a lengthy process as a supposed 'contractor' to his Ministry.

Naturally, we pulled the plug on the advertisement as quickly as we were faced with the confrontation by Mr. Pimentel's edict and tried to get him to understand the basic concept of placing an advert in a foreign-based e-publication ... any publication, radio/TV, whatever.

... the crap flowing from Pimentel's former Banesco ivory tower was not unexpected, but we did not think that he would want to defecate on his own doorstep in such a public manner as he has just done on Aporrea today.

It's a ludicrous situation which only highlights our original report of the decay represented not just in the Ministry under his direct control but, unfortunately, elsewhere throughout the government machine.

If indeed there is any state of War between VHeadline.com and anyone, it is between VHeadline.com and the imbecility represented by Mr. Yuri Pimentel at ypimentel@minci.gov.ve -- VHeadline.com remains in support of Venezuela's democracy, constitutionality and the rule of law ... we also ask for, in fact demand, reciprocal respect for our many-years effort in the continuing USA-promoted disinformation battle ... the time for diplomacy is now over, we do not want to waste time with Vice Ministers who obviously don't know their ass from their elbow.

VHeadline.com insists that we are an independent foreign-based e-publication...

We had hoped that Mr. Pimentel would sooner or later see the insanity of his situation and even come round to a sincere appreciation of the fact that we take no crap from the hate-Venezuela websites, the hundreds of email threats we receive each day and/or ... in the final analysis, from the Venezuelan Ministry of Communications & Information (MCI).