Vheadline.com: Roy Carson's disinformation e-tabloid

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VHeadline.com: Roy Carson's disinformation e-tabloid

A subject well-known to the English-speaking community in Venezuela is Roy S. Carson a.k.a. Carlos Herrera, Editor/Publisher of PDVSA financed VHeadline.com. A Google search reveals that Roy's articles on Venezuela began appearing online in 1995 as the Caracas based correspondent for The American Reporter. VHeadline went live in late 1996.

Roy runs VHeadline out of somewhere near London in the UK. VHeadline is hosted in British Columbia, Canada and has a sales office in Houston, Texas.

Roy writes under many pseudonyms - his latest, Carlos Herrera first appeared on November 25, 2004. It is no coincidence that on the previous day another Carlos Herrera cast into doubt the governments version of events surrounding the car bombing of prosecutor Danilo Anderson. The real Carlos Herrera was Danilo Anderson's best friend and is a councilman for the municipality of El Libertador in Caracas. Below is a VHeadline screenshot of a search for "Carlos Herrera." Note the November 25th entries:


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Joseph O'Connor is a journalist and Human Rights activist in Latin America who created this brilliant exposť on VHeadline titled "Disinformation War in Venezuela":




Roy Carson and Crystallex

Roy Carson's 'positive outlook' of Venezuela, and the corresponding reporting in that regard in his website, is a direct consequence of his relationship with Crystallex. This relationship apparently started before Hugo Chavez became president. Carson's intention has been to sway international investors, through his online rag, into the belief that economic conditions Venezuela are booming, which as all indexes show is not the case. A search into the finance message boards of Yahoo reveals that Carson is a well known subject. One of the forum members reports:

Carson is allowed to present whatever face he wants to regarding the political and economic climate in Venezuela even if it is influenced by Crystallex. It is his on line rag.

It is his false presentation of information that get him into trouble.

To see R. Carson's coverage of Crystallex, go to his rag's website and type in Crystallex in the search engine. You need not read the articles, the headlines tell the story.

Here is something more as Mr. Asensio was mentioned by a Crystallex fool.

Crystallex promoter publishes false report.

On Thursday, March 19, 1998 Roy S. Carson of VHeadline/VENews published a report claiming that Rafael Rodriquez Acosta is "to be hauled before an internal disciplinary committee" by Bernardo Alvarez who is the President of the Committee of Energy & Mines. This report is false. However, Mr. Alvarez did lose his office last week. He served for only a brief period. Mr. Alvarez's replacement, who will be a member of an opposing party, may be named early this week. Congressman Omar Barboza is the leading candidate to replace the ousted Mr. Alvarez. Mr. Acosta has been President of Venezuela's Congressional Mining Sub-Committee for 12 years and was a member of the Special Committee that investigated Crystallex International Corporation's (AMEX Trading Symbol: KRY) (Price: $3.875). Last week, Mr. Acosta accused Crystallex of defrauding investors by claiming it owned the Carabobo mining concessions and by claiming it has a legal action pending against the Las Crisitinas 4 and 6 gold mining concessions.

The Venezuelan government at the Federal, State and City level officially opposes Crystallex's Las Cristinas claim. Mr. Alvarez has been unwilling to denounce Crystallex claiming that the dispute is between Crystallex and Placer Dome. This is not true. Mr. Alvarez is aware that the dispute is between Crystallex and his own government. Mr. Alvarez's party formerly called the Radical Cause recently merged with Country for All. Both parties have little support and political power. Combined they hold only 3 of 37 Congressional seats and control no committees. Mr. Alvarez's party may have received support from Crystallex during their attempt to obtain the Carabobo concessions.

Somehow Mr. Alvarez was immediately notified of Mr. Acosta's press conference even though he was traveling. Mr. Alvarez then proceeded to call the press claiming Mr. Acosta has was not President of his Committee. Mr. Acosta's documentation and statement clearly identified him as President of the Mining Sub-Committee not President of the Committee. There was no confusion about Mr. Acosta's title. There was no need or purpose for Mr. Alvarez's actions.