Vida Organica launches Casabe - Rainforest Crackers® in the UK

Press release

London 06 August 2004 – For the first time in the UK Vida Organica will launch Casabe – Rainforest Crackers®. These amazing crackers are derived from the traditional recipe originated 4.000 years ago along the Maracaibo basin. The aborigines from the Caribes and Amazonicos tribes cultivated the Yuca plant [Manihoc Esculenta, know in English as Cassava] and spread its use and benefits to the rest of the sub-continent.

This type of bread is consumed, even today, as the basic accompaniment of most diets of aboriginals in the Amazon rainforest areas of Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia.

Casabe - Rainforest Crackers® are 100% natural; no artificial ingredients have been added. Their high fibre content, enzymes and gluten free attributes makes them an ideal alternative for those on fat-free and healthy diets.

Coeliacs can also greatly benefit from the consumption of these crackers that have been wheat and gluten free certified by the UK’s Coeliac Society. The peculiarity of the taste and texture of these crackers will undoubtedly be welcomed.

Vida Organica is the UK’s exclusive importer and distributor of Casabe - Rainforest Crackers®. Further product information can be found at