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Cogitations from the opposition camp

By Aleksander Boyd

Allow me to start with a definition of the term opposition:
1. The act of opposing or resisting.
2. The condition of being in conflict; antagonism: "The history of men's opposition to women's emancipation is more interesting perhaps than the story of that emancipation itself" (Virginia Woolf).
2. Placement opposite to or in contrast with another.
3. Something that serves as an obstacle.
4. Often Opposition a political party or an organized group opposed to the group, party, or government in power.
5. Astronomy
a. The position of two celestial bodies when their longitude differs by 180°, especially a configuration in which Earth lies on a straight line between the sun and a superior planet or the moon.
b. The position of the superior planet or the moon in this configuration.
6. Logic The relation existing between two propositions having an identical subject and predicate but differing in quantity, quality, or both.
7. Linguistics Contrast in a language between two phonemes or other linguistically important elements.

Among the seven different meanings, the term "oligarch" does not exist. Here is the definition of oligarch:
A member of a small governing faction.

The interesting point of such explanatory comment is to clarify where we stand as members of the opposition. It cannot be said that 70 % of Venezuelans are "members of a small governing faction". However the definition of opposition gives us a few hints about our role.

Number 1, the act of opposing or resisting:
We are indeed opposing a government, which has violated repeatedly our rights, and we continue resisting, alas the strategies seem to be the wrong ones. Whilst Hugo Chavez controls about a third of the Venezuelan electorate, whom respond swiftly to the president's wishes, the leaders of the opposition -representing about 70 % of the citizens- have not yet understood that the only way to get rid of Hugo Chavez is uniting. Instead they have embarked in an internal dispute, which has the president rejoicing and gives him the confidence that the opposition represents no danger whatsoever. "Divide et Impera", that is the motto of the government and is certainly producing the desired effect.

Number 3, something that serves as an obstacle:
The personal aspirations and megalomaniac character of most of the opposition leaders represent obstacles for reaching some sort of compromise. As such, if an election materializes Chavez will win easily and then Venezuela will pay dearly the next 6 years at the least. Therefore ruling members of the opposition, be aware of your attitudes and please do not place your interests before those of the nation.

Number 6, Logic the relation existing between two propositions having an identical subject and predicate but differing in quantity, quality, or both.
I consider this definition to be the most accurate of all regarding the Venezuelan case. We are all acting viscerally, reacting to comments and actions coming from the president and his lackeys. Difficult as it may be, an extraordinary effort must be made not to fall on that wickedly orchestrated game. We praise ourselves to be more intelligent; therefore we have to behave as such. A strategy should be implemented at an international level to counteract the government's propaganda. At a national level all the necessary measures must be taken to ascertain the celebration of the referendum. The possible rulings of the National Assembly and the Supreme Court; the National Electoral Council's directorate elections must be meticulously supervised to ensure the transparency of those processes. The potential presidential candidates, rather than fighting and discrediting each other, should go spend a month in a "rancho" to experience what the future holds for all Venezuelans if they do not unite.

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